Pattern: Bread Basket (DIY)


All you need to make this basket is:
Hook size M (9 mm) or perhaps size 15 (10 mm)
Half a roll of zpagetti yarn (and maybe a little leftover zpagetti for the edge)

And then you just:
1) Chain XX - depends on how wide you want the basket to be
2) Single crochet all the way back - continue to make rows of single crochets until the basket has the wanted length
3) When the bottom of the basket is done, mark the last stitch and begin to work in rounds starting with a round of slip stitches (it can be quite difficult to get into all the stitches on the sides so have patience and faith!)
4) From here on just work in rounds - and if you want the edge of the basket in a different color switch yarn one or two round before you're done
...if you want a nice detail on the edge do a reverse single crochet edging in the last round (see how to here)

If you try this pattern please notify me on [email protected] or upload the result on instagram with hashtag #garnkusserne - I would LOVE to see and (if I may) share with other readers :-)

Crochet away!